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How to solve modelsim simulation fir compiler Library auk_dspip_lib not found?

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1,630 Views Hello, I am an FPGA beginner, and when I use modelsim simulation fir compiler appeared "library auk_dspip_lib not found, Unknown identifier "auk_dspip_lib, VHDL Compiler exiting." I have added the .vo file to the project ,why this is the case? Can you elaborate on how to solve this problem in detail? Can be accompanied by a detailed solution to the process is the best! system is win10 x64 rs2, quartus is 13.1, modelsim is altera 10.1d.

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From Error message It looks like VHDL file is looking for a missing library. 


make use of auto-generated script for setting up any IP simulation. 


It is generated from Qsys under directory  




Follow steps as below. 

1. Open Modelsim Navigate to location of scripts. 

2. do msim_setup.tcl 

3. ld_debug 




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