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I have an existing design which uses Active Serial Configuration via an EPCQ128. After migrating to the EPCQ128A, I am having problems with remote updating.


I have an existing design which uses Active Serial Configuration via an EPCQ128. The design also has remote update capability. The mechanism for the remote update is to put the update into a separate section of the configuration device, load the factory image first and then update if necessary. This scheme has worked quite well so far.

Currently, I am migrating to the EPCQ128A device. I have found that despite forum conversations to the contrary, that I have to regenerate the JIC file for JTAG programming. That, I can live with.

However, I am having remote update problems. For remote update, I am using an RPD file. Previously, I had proven to myself that I could use the original RPD file that I generated while creating my EPCQ128 JIC file. But something has changed and now I need to re-create the RPD file when making the JIC file for the EPCQ128A.

Can anyone shed some light as to why I have to do this? If the RPD only contains design information, and if the "correct" JIC file was used, then should the EPCQ128 or EPCQ128A device work from a shared RPD file?

It is "easy" to use separate files during initial programming (selection of the proper JIC file), but during (automated) field update, there is no way to identify which of the two possible configuration devices is being used.

Any information would be helpful at this point.

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Hi MSchu18, If your design do not contain IP Cores (which interface with the configuration device), your existing programming files may be compatible with EPCQ-A devices without the need to regenerate the programming files. Refer to Table 3 on page 6 for more details. If you design contain IP core, please refer to Table 1 & Table 2 (on page 5) for the IP core compatibility. I hope this will help. Thanks
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