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I'm trying to find a forum where I can ask questions about electronic schematics.


I looked all over the Intel forums trying to find the right place to post this, and couldn't find anything that looked good, so I'm just going to post this here. Maybe someone can point me to where I should have posted it.


I'm trying to design a piece of hardware. My intent is to produce a FPGA first, get all the bugs worked out, and then implement it with just the electronic components it needs.


My main data structure is going to be a shift register with parameter (rLength), input bits (shift) and (dataIn), and output bit (dataOut). It stores (rLength) bits logically proceeding from the left to the right. If (shift) is low, each bit stays right where it is. If (shift) is high, then each bit takes the value of the bit to its left, except the leftmost bit, which takes the value of (dataIn). Regardless of the value of (shift), bit (dataOut) takes the value of the rightmost bit.


I put together a schematic of such a shift register with (rLength) of four and used it to post an article to Stack Overflow's electronics forum, asking if it would work. Unfortunately the symbol I used for each of my transistors was the symbol for a BJT transistor, so I got posts in response saying that with BJT transistors it would not work. I changed each of the BJT transistors to a MOSFET to see if that would make a difference, but nobody gave me any response at all. I tried posting a second article (and then a third), this time with MOSFETs in the schematic to begin with, and the only response I got was posters saying my article was a duplicate. I eventually lost any confidence that I could use Stack Overflow to find out whether my schematic would work or not.


Does anybody know of any other forum I could use to post my schematic and get input on whether it would work, and why not if it wouldn't?

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If you just want to ask questions about electronics design and circuits try:

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