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Interfacing with Arduino

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Hi all,  


I'm trying to take input from an Arduino Uno R3 and process it on the FPGA. I have a Cyclone V GX board which comes with an Arduino expansion header, but I'm not sure what the best way to go about this is.  


The goal is to ultimately send ADC output values from the Arduino to the FPGA, at which point they will be processed on the FPGA. Should I be using the serial ports?  


Thanks in advance! :)
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1. check the voltage levels,do you need a converter? 

2. check no outputs connect to outputs 

3. how many pins are available, is that enough? 

4. if not enough pins is a uart or other serial periph. available? 

5. if not using uart etc, how do you synchronise the data? 

these are the first things to consider.