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Is the USB-Blaster I compatible with the EPCQ16A Serrial Configuration device?


I have a EPCQ16A but I am Using a Cyclone III (EP3C25Q248C8N) FPGA, so I am bound to Quartus 13.1. I want to Use the Active Serial Configuration Interface (not indirect JTAG!!).


This means that Using a USB-Blaster II is not possible in combination with Active Serial Configuration.


The Documentation for teh COnfiguration Device and the USB-Blaster I are in conflict with each other, as the EPCQ-A datasheet states "USB Blaster" without sepcifying if it means I or II. THe USB Blaster I datasheet is older than the EPCQ-A Devices so it only states the EPCS devices as compatible.


IN theory it should be possible as the devices are pin-compatible and i cant think of a reason that it would work out with a usb blaster I after reading through the documentation.


But to be sure before bying the USB-Blaster i wanted to ask this questiion here! :)

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Hi DStum,


If you look at AN822 (Table 4 on page 9), the Intel Quartus software support EPCQ-A device starting from version 17.1 and later.

However, EPCQ-A device can be programmed with old JIC files created for EPCS/EPCQ device. Unfortunately, there are some conditions you need to follow in order to program with old JIC file. These are the conditions:

  • If the target serial flash was an EPCS/EPCQ device of density <= 64Mb. 
  • If the EPCS/EPCQ device was only used for FPGA configuration and the design did not have any instances of ASMI Parallel IP / Serial Flash Loader (SFL) IP or any other serial flash controller IPs. 
  • If the designs target pre 28nm Intel® FPGAs, i.e. devices prior to Arria® V, Cyclone® V, or Stratix®V.

For your case, USB-Blaster I should able to support EPCQ-A device. However, since you are using Quartus 13.1 version and Cyclone III, EPCQ-A device would not support your FPGA and Quartus.


AN822 -




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