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Jtag Errors -> Reducing JTAG frequency on Arria V / Terasic USB blaster ?



I use Jtag to program and debug an Arria V: 5AGXBB1D4F40C5 (nios programming, check nios printf(), signaltap II, ...) on a custom board. 

I am using Quartus 16.0.0 build 211 Standard Edition on w7 x64. with a Terasic USB blaster (usb-blaster-B on pcb). 


I have some errors: 


--- Quote Start ---  

Error (12852): Data integrity error is detected during JTAG communication. The SignalTap result is not trustworthy. Please check the JTAG chain. 

--- Quote End ---  



So I tried to lower the Jtag frequency to get better results but I can't: 


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$ jtagconfig --setparam "USB-Blaster [USB-1]" jtagclock 6M 

No parameter named jtagclock 

--- Quote End ---  



maybe it is not possible regarding this link: 


Is there any solution to enhance the jtag connection? 


Thanks in advance.
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