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Licensing Quartus II through remote license server

Hi all! 

I have floating license for Quartus II software and I have configured license server. I was using floating license on other PCs which were connected to license server PC with LAN connection as it is explained in all ALTERA official documents. Now I want to use license from PC which is not in LAN connection with server PC, but I don't know how because I did not find any document that is talking about that case. All documents all talking about case when PCs are in "network connection", where you can easily point to license from some local PC just by typing <port_number>@<host_name>; obviously they were thinking on LAN connection because I don't see way how some PC which is not in LAN connection with license server could find license server just by host name and port number. 


Of course, I have found similar thread on this forum:  


, and I have tried all mentioned suggestions but neither of them didn't work.
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Nothing specific to Quartus or even Flexlm licensing. Be sure that your network can be reached by a public IP address or some dynamic DNS service and that the internet router provides port forwarding to the license server. 


I presume the Flexlm documentation has some hints how to install remote license server access. 


Forget to mention network access option through VPN.
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I think that problem is in the network structure of my host institution. I need to solve that with personnel which are servicing the system. 

Thanks for the reply!