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Lifecycle for 10CL040YU484I7G and 10CL040YU484C8G


1. Please provide product lifecycle, EOL, last time buy and support for the 2 products listed.

10CL040YU484I7G and 10CL040YU484C8G


2. Where can we request some samples for testing or any qty to buy?


3. Why are additional orders not being accepted? We tried placing orders with Digikey and Mouser and they notified us that Intel will not take any additional orders for this part. Please provide reason why orders are not being accepted?


4. We also have open orders that keep getting pushed out delivery dates. Please advise why and when we can expect delivery?


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10CL040YU484I7G and 10CL040YU484C8G are still available and not in the EOL list. Anyhow, the life cycle is depending on its order volume. 


You can subscribe to our customer notification mailing list at below link so that you can be notified when an Altera(now Intel) device is going to be discontinued.

Unprecedented demand increases and supply constraints across the semiconductor industry have translated into tightness across the supply chain for PSG Products. We are working actively to prioritize Intel delivery and increase Intel's allocated capacity.


For question 2 until 4, please kindly contact our authorized distributor(Mouser, Digikey, etc..) for order and further update on the supply.



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Re: #2 #3 #4, you do understand (or you should) that semiconductor availability (or lack thereof, really) is an industry-wide issue.

Intel is likely shipping all the FPGA parts they can make to large customers that placed committed orders 6 to 12 months ago.

Excess parts, or orders by distributors such as DigiKey and Mouser, are second tier orders. They get to sell what is left over.

And at this point nothing is left over.

I have seen lead times for new FPGA orders in the  9 to 12 months range.


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