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Looking for 125°C Automotive EPCS or EPCQ (replacement) version

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Dear Community and Intel/Altera, 





So, finally, my question: Do you have a solution to connect your automotive 125°C FPGAs to a 125°C Flash Chip by AS-Programming? Is there an existing compatible alternative?  

(The Device-ID-Check, which seems not able to be disabled during jtag-jic-file programming seems to kill all available alternatives (as Spansion is now Cypress), see


Thank you very much!
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Based on my understanding, the automotive range EPCQ devices are not not available. The recommended operating temperature range of EPCQ devices would be -40C to 85C. 

Are you going to configure the FPGA at 125C by using the EPCQ device?
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I think for FPGA < gen10 it is easy to replace AS flash and then find other grades (and much lower prices). 


EPCS replacement: 

EPCQ replacement: 


N25Q256A13ESF40G (EPCQ256 replacement) works fine for me with Arria V (ASx1 for me, but ASx4 probably works too). 

Or S25FL164K0XMFI00 (EPCS64 replacement) with older FPGA. 

I just disabled EPCX ID check and everything works. 


But for gen 10 FPGAs, I don't know much yet about EPCQ-L. 

In the past with SOIC packages it was easy to unsolder and try parts, but now with this FBGA24 package, it will be harder... 

As EPCQ-L models cost ~40€ to 170€, I guess alternatives already exists ! 



official spansion/cypress confirmation in this doc "Connecting Cypress SPI Flash to Configure Altera FPGAs"