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MAX10 10M16SCU324 decoupling strategy using PDN tool.


I am trying to use the PDN tool, provided by Intel, to select and  play a bit with different types of caps, so that the cap set will keep Zeff lower than Ztarget of my design. However, I have just tried to calculate Ztarget manually, but the finding maximum dynamic current change of this device is a nightmare. 

I have gone thru all datasheets available but could not find such info.  So two general questions: 

1- Does someone has faced this issue? Any suggestions where/how to find/calculate the max dynamic current change? 


2- On the other hand, I am using  the Device specific PDN tool, choosing 10M16SCU169 due to the fact that 324 version is missing. Despite having all inputs added into the spreadsheet, the curve is getting changed but the tool does not propose any configuration of the number and the type of the decoupling caps. Again, Any suggestions ?  Am I missing something or? 


Thanks in advance! 


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Got it! Thanks a lot! 
Meanwhile, despite showing the dynamic current in mA in EPE tool, PDN tool (Imax) section, requires the same value from the EPE ( dynamic current values) but the designer is supposed to convert them in amps, right? Other wise if I just copy and paste the values from EPE ( e.g. 25.45mA, 103mA) the Total Current [ A ] under Rail Group Summary section, increases dramatically. 


In general, If in EPE tool the dynamic current is 25.5mA, and it is for the all IO banks, I have to divide 25.5 by the number of the banks, and then to turn it to Amps, and later to fill the Imax rows up? 



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