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MAX10 10M50SA power supply requirement for analog feature

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Hi all, 



I would like to choose 10M50SA to develop my fpga prototyping instead of 10M50DA. 



I need both UFM and ADC features. 




When I read the m10_overview.pdf, I founds that E144 (should be SA) got single ADC inside. 



But I found that the 10M50SA just need one 3.3V power supply, and it would be regulated to 1.2V  

inside the 10M50SA chip as the power distribution (m10_handbook.pdf, page 31, figure 30). 



The 10M50DA got one 2.5V power supply requirement for its analog (ADC) function, but I can't find 

the 2.5V in the figure 30 of 10M50SA.  



Should the 10M50SA require additional 2.5V power supply for the ADC function? or Should the 10M50SA 

generate the 2.5V by its internal regulator? 




It was said that 10M50SA got one dedicate analog input pin and 8 dual function pins. 

Does it mean 10M50SA could get 2 or more (less than 8) analog input channel, and I can configure 

the analog MUX to decide which analog input source was measured by ADC at that time? 


thanks for your kindly help.
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(1) Refer to Table 6 in the "max 10 fpga device datasheet (". You must connect VCCA to 3.0/3.3V (not to 2.5V), preferably via a filter. 


(2) Correct. You will be able to configure the IP to select how many inputs can feed the ADC and, in your design, determine which to feed into the ADC at a particular time.