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Need suggested heat sink or Thermal Resistance specs for Intel/Altera Arria 10 FPGA p/n 10AS066H4F34E3SG.



To Intel Community Forum:




First off, I did not find this answer on your site and did not find this question previously posted in the forum; the question is as follows:


Can someone please suggest a heat sink part or provide the thermal resistance specs for the Intel/Altera Arria 10 FPGA p/n 10AS066H4F34E3SG. I found the page for the Cyclone thermal resistance specs and a thermal management page (which even lists some heat sink vendors) at the below links, but did not find such for the Arria 10 FPGAs.


[Cyclone FPGA thermal specs]


[FPGA Thermal management info]


I also tried to submit a support ticket to Intel's site, but as the "search" box does does not recognize this part number 10AS066H4F34E3SG, it does not allow me to proceed; however, this part number is a valid and active Intel/Altera FPGA as can be seen at the below link. Their web team suggested I just post the query here on this forum for an answer (message pasted at bottom).


[part number is valid]


Can someone help us with this? Can you please provide either a heat sink suggestion or the thermal resistance specs for the Intel/Altera p/n






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Hi Daniel, Intel FPGA follows JEDEC JESD 51 series standards to provide thermal resistance. You can find the thermal resistance from the link below: In order to determine the heat sink usage, you can refer to the thermal management as the link below: Thank you Regards, Chia Ling
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