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New Design: Pick Arria V or Arria 10?

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Hello, I'm doing a new design and in the process of selecting which FPGA I will use. I'm looking at the Arria V and Arria 10. I noticed that the Arria V can support 3.3V LVCMOS on the IO pins but the Arria 10 does not which means I would need a lot of voltage translators. Besides that, I would like to ask the community which processor they would choose? The Arria V has been around some time so who knows how long before it reaches End of Life status. The Arria V maybe easier to power up, some of the newer FPGA requires a particular power sequence.







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Well, to choose the right FPGA for your project is the 1st and most important task as it results in either increasing or decreasing the overall cost of your design/project. Arria 10 devices though being newer may not be the right choice if it does not support the voltage & IO requirements of your design/project. Arria V on the other hand may be a good fit.


If you're looking for processor (SoC) based support for your project, you can go for either NIOS2 or ARM based. This again depends on what type of embedded system and application you are targeting. For simple embedded systems, NIOS2 ,may be sufficient, but in case you need like full OS support and faster response time, the ARM processor will be a good fit.


So keeping these in mind, you can go for any of the FPGAs that support NIOS2 and ARM. Why not try with the Cyclone V/ Cyclone 10 series? Are there any specific requirements such as protocols, interfaces that you want to implement?