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No config file for Cyclone IV

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I own the Altera DE2-115 and I want to run uClinux. Been trying for days to run some new version because the version that works is too stripped down (it has only root user).  

for specific  

When I look at rocketboards and altera open source there are no config files for DE2-115 for example at this link 


There is config files for Cyclone III and others but not for Cyclone IV. For example now I must configure u-boot without a config file and therefore is won't work.  


Is there or why isn't there config files for DE2-115? I can run simple projects and examples done for DE2-115 work for me. But when there is supposed to be configuration for specific platform then there is no config file for DE2-115.  


How can I run uClinux with DE2-115?
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I still try to build uClinux for DE2-115 using the linux-socfpga 3.18. I get this error msg 


lib/built-in.o:(.rodata+0x14a8): multiple definition of `__clz_tab' /opt/CodeSourcery13/Sourcery_CodeBench_Lite_for_Nios_II_GNU_Linux/bin/../lib/gcc/nios2-linux-gnu/4.7.3/libgcc.a(_clz.o):(.rodata+0x0): first defined here make: *** Error 1  


What does it mean? I also had to manually add a line to pci.h 


The build uses too many steps, I think. Ideally one should be able to build everything in just one step.