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PCIe Simulation Begginer

Hi guys!! 

Well, I'm begginer and I'm trying to simulate a PCIe comunication and I'm using Qsys to make it. 



I've been read Altera's documents where learning to simulate a PCIe, but Altera's documents doesnt teach enought. 



I'm trying simulate a only port PCIe. So I need know where I have to input a data and where I recive that data (and how I can do it) . 

When I make PCIe instance (I'm using Avalon MM Cyclone V) it has some I/O such as: hip_pipe , hip_sim and so on.  

Reading Altera's documents I've found that hip_pipe is just to simulate so I think that is the port where I have to send and recive datas.  



My quistions are: 

Is hip_pipe port where I have to send and recive datas (for my simulation)? and How can I do it (because, Qsys make me a testbench, so I dont know where I can recive and send datas)?  



Guys, if someone read this post and someday made a PCIe simulation please can explain how made it. I'll be thanking. 



Have a nice day!! :)
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