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Power-up current for MAX10 devices?


Tools/docs being referenced:

PowerPlay Early Power Estimator Max 10, V18.1, Build 09.25

PowerPlay Early Power Estimator User Guide, UG-01070, 2017.02.21


I'm trying to get the power-up current for a MAX10 device from the Early Power Estimator. The Power-Up Current section of the EPE User Guide says that there should be a "Min Current Requirement (A)" column in the current table on the Report tab of the calculator, but that column is missing.


Furthermore, even if the column were there, it's still not clear to me how to get the power-up current from that. The user guides states:

"In some device families, the power up current can be larger than the dynamic current required in the I/O worksheet. For example, in Stratix III and Stratix IV devices, the ICCPD value on the I/O worksheet is different than the Minimum current requirement for ICCPD in Report worksheet.

Intel provides the minimum current required for the VCCPD power rail for each voltage supply used, but is not dependent on how many banks use that voltage supply.

To estimate the power up current, use the Report worksheet and compare the minimum current requirement with user mode current requirement."


Do I subtract the static user mode current from the min current requirement? What are VCCPD and ICCPD?




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Hello Will, Here is the link details about the VCCPD As of my understanding VCCPD is not applicable to the MAX 10 since i didnt see pre driver options in the datasheet or IO user guide unless i missed something. kindly let me know if you have any further questions ? Thank you , Regards, Sree
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