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Preloader issue with altera 13.0



I'm trying to build entire linux image(preloader, bootloader, kernel ...etc)for DE1-Soc board. 


first I thought I should understand the whole booting sequence, I planned to boot only preloader first. 


I made preloader-mkpimage.bin by altera 13.0 EDS BSP editor, and used dd command to copy preloader binary to sd card. 

(my host computer is window 7 , so I made preloader-mkpimage on window, and used dd command on ubuntu virtual machine) 


the sd card initially has one partition with id W95 FAT32 


the command was : sudo dd if=preloader-mkpimage.bin of=/dev/sdX bs=64k seek=0. 


But I don't see any terminal message so it seems not working ..  


what I tried to experiment is simple 


1. write preloader image to sd card and see if board only boots preloader. 




I guess the problem is preloader image is not valid although it has mkpimage signature. 


but preloader is generated by altera tools and I want to believe the preloader binary is fine ..  


I'm really struck here,, any advice?  


thanks in advance.
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