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Problem Chinese FPGA A-C8V4

Hello friends 

i have a problem with a board chinese FPGA A-C8V4, which turn it on and do not turn on the LED 7-segmen, i compile a small program in Quartus II and loaded into the board says failed, the driver usb-blast in installed correctly, but still i can not load the program to the board.  

i follow the steps that are in and does not work. cooperation could help me to make this thing work? 


best regards
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I think that board may be problematic. The majority of posts that turned up in a Google search were from people saying it wasn't working for them. Look at some videos of people building projects and loading Altera boards. Getting the programmer working can be tricky if you've never done it before. Also FPGA boards are static sensitive. If you haven't taken the proper precautions you might have zapped it.

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