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Problem Programming UFM MAXV


Im using MAXV 240Z100 

im using UFM ip , I upload the .mif file to the ip and i looked at the ip files and the data loaded well 

when program the cpld , the ufm is empty all of it 0xFF 

i tried to generate .svf file and logging the data into it, but the svf2jam tool give an error  

"SVF to JAM is not available by this utility " 

so did i miss any option ? 

how can i program the UFM ? 

thank you
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no idea about JAM, sorry. However, when using the Quartus Programmer with the USB Blaster to program a MAX V, UFM is separate from CFM (configuration flash memory). Just flashing the configuration file (which contains you IP) won't touch UFM. 


If you can program your CPLD using the Quartus Programmer, program the .sof file that Quartus generated into UFM. It is the same .sof file that you flashed into CFM. 


Again, no idea about JAM, but I assume whatever tool you use, there might be an option to program into UFM explicitly. 


Another idea: since you're using the UFM IP, maybe you can program the UFM using that UFM IP in the live CPLD? I assume your CPLD design doesn't provide a writing interface, but if anything else fails, you could maybe furnish an alternative CPLD design which you initially program into CFM to program the UFM. 



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