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Program a max7000s device

I'm having a problem programming a EPM7064slc84-10 using Windows10 (64) and a USB BLASTER with a known good .POF file. I have tried with QUARTUS II V10.1sp1, V13.0sp1 and v16.0 and in all cases run into a showstopper. It seems like the problem is related to the operating system, the devise support in the version in use and communication with the USB BLASTER. 


This .POF file was compiled using MAX+PLUS II several years ago. The design entry was a graphics design file and as I recall the pin outs were defined. When loading the graphics design file in QUARTUS I don't see any way to assign a function to a pin. 


This project only requires 8 EPM7064s and I would like to avoid a steep learning curve when the device in question is obsolete. 


We are looking for a third party expert to provide a solution, if you (the reader) can or know of someone else that can please smarten me up....
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