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Quartus 15.1.2. use Design partition with In-System Memory content Editor

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Hi Everyone, 


Does anyone know if it's possible to generate design partitions (qxp file) that contains memory that I can access via In-System Memory Content Editor at a higher level? 

- I'm using Quartus 15.1.2 


More details to explain my issue: 

1. I have a sub module that contains a memory instance (which is created with megawizard with option Enabled for In-System Memory Content Editor") 

For example this memory instance is called "Mnew" 

2. Then I export this module as "submodule.qxp" file. 

3. I import the submodule.qxp file into a different design (a top level)  

4. Then generate an image (top.sof file)  

5. Then loads the image to a device 

6. Then use In-System Memory Content Editor to access this memory instance "Mnew" 


I have tried these steps, but the In-System memory content editor only seems to find memory instances at top level :(
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I'm pretty sure you can't do this. The .qxp file is meant to be a self-contained file like a design file but doesn't allow connections to it other than those to connect it to the rest of the design.

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Hi sstrell. Thanks for confirming this.  

I'm looking for an alternative way (last attempt).  

Please let me know, if you have an idea how I can keep a design partition (.qxp file) and at the same time get the ability to use the standard memory debug features from quartus. 


Thinking out loud:  

It seems, the interface connections between the memory instance and USB-blaster has been inferred by the tool. 

Perhaps, there is a way I can add interface ports to my submodule, such that it can be extended at the top-level and get it recognized by the In-System Memory Content Editor?