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Quartus II- exercise. HELP !

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Hello all. 

I am a beginner and I have a problem with doing exercises for classes. Unfortunately I have to give it back as soon as possible, hence my post on the forum. 


"Perform a system that performs the following action: 

[b·x2-a+x1]·d/c, where a=6, b=12, c=4, d=1; 


x1, x2 - four-bit quadrants without a character bit entered from the switches: number x1 SW (3..0), number x2 SW (17..14). 

The numbers x1, x2 are displayed on the HEX7, HEX6 displays in hexadecimal. 

On the HEX5 display we display the result mark, HEX4 displays, 3, 2 display the result in decimal form, HEX0 displays, HEX1 display the fractional part in decimal form. 

To implement all arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication), use adder, subtracting in U2 code. " 


I am asking for help, it is urgent! 

Thank you in advance! 

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Folks here are not going to write code for you. We'll review what you've done, though, so give it a shot.