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QuartusII Prime Pro 16.1/17.1 EMIF(DDR4) Pin Constrain Problem

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Hi all, I'm trying to use Quartus II 16.1/17.1 Prime Pro with EMIF to control DDR4. The configuration is descirbed below: 

FPGA: 10AX066N1F40 

DDR4 Config: Single-Rank, x64, Scheme 2 

Number of EMIF: 2 individual controllers 

I/O Bank Arrangement by BluePrint: 

**Controller A:3C,3D and 3E 

Controller B:3F, 3G and 3H 


The condition I got is: 

At the first time I did compliation and I/O fitting in Quartus II(using BluePrint I/O assignment), it all passed. Since I'm a newbie of DDR4, I'm trying to follow the design guidline provided by Intel, "Arria 10 External Memory Interface Handbook Vol. 1~3" and the step-by-step material in website: 


By comparing the I/O placement constrain, I found that in default BluePrint assignment, the RZQ pin position is conflicted to the pin placement sugestion. 

**BluePrint Default of Controller A 

RZQ is assigned at pin AT12, which is the No. 26 pin of bank 3A 

**BluePrint Default of Controller B 

RZQ is assigned at pin L2, which is the No. 26 pin of bank 3F 


However, in the design guidline materials I read, the RZQ is suggested to be placed within the same I/O bank as Command/Address signal of EMIF, which in my case should be bank 3D and 3G of controller A and B, separately. 


So I tried to re-assign these two pins to AD6 and D6 (No. 26 pin of bank D and G) and go through the complilation/fitting, but there's no luck. A pin constrain erro message appears both in BluePrint and QuartusII. 


Is there any misunderstanding part I got? Otherwise the default RZQ pin is far away from control I/O groups, it might be troublesome in PCB routing. 


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Hi Alex, 


Your understanding is correct. Ideally we want to place RZQ pin in address IOBANK which is middle of 3 IOBANK so that the signal routing can be spread balance throughout 3 IOBANK. 


I am not sure what's wrong with your design but you can try place RZQ_A in pin 26 of Bank 3C or 3E and RZQ_B in pin 26 of Bank 3F,3H. 






(This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation)
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Hi spdl2001, 


thanks for your reply, it's glad to know my understanding is correct!! 

However the project I created still having error message when I manually assign RZQ_A/B pins. 

But when I create a whole new project, looks like the Blueprint works normally and no similar error occurs. I'll see which step I did wrong in previous project and thanks again for your suggestions.