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Remote update from my software application in NIOSII 16.0 SBT



I am using cyclone V with embedded niosII. I am trying to remote update through my software application( factory image) by calling to function RemoteUpdateTrig() from altera bsp HAL drivers. 

In my vhdl code i using AVALON MM block that is used in altera wiki example "RSU for cyclone v". I am booting through EPCS512 flash with EPCQ512 controller. 


before calling to function RemoteUpdateTrig() i set my epcs flash to 4 byte addressing. 

what i am seeing all the time is that i go out from this function without to reconfig my system. 

when i try to read the register that holds the boot address i read back 0xffffff00 and my status register returns 0x1f. it seems to me like i have an hardware problem.  


Please help
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