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SVF conversion not capturing CFI 1GB Flash Spansion S29GL01GS device

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I have this issue when trying to converting to SVF, I'm only seeing the programming information for the EPM2210 CPLD device and nothing for Configuration Flash Interface (CFI) Spansion S29GL01GS Flash device. It appears that if I convert to JAM, it "appears" the CFI device is included due to the size of the JAM file but I cannot verify. The POF is 131 MB for the CFI device :(  


My questions: 

1) Is there any way I can have Quartus convert to SVF to include the CFI device? 

2) Is there a way I can take the JAM and convert it to SVF through the command instead of the GUI? 


I have attached a cdf to show what I'm referring to.  


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