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SoC programming other devices

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I have a question and maybe you guys got an answer for me. 


I have a board that includes a cyclone V SoC and 4 MAX 10 fpgas. 


Right now I program every FPGAs including SOC from the same jtag chain from a computer. 


Is it possible to use the SoC to program the other devices if I physically close the jtag loop that connects to the PC? 


If yes I would like some reference documents. 


Thanks a lot!
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Hello, if I am not mistaken the Max 10 FPGAs have internal flash that can be used to program itself upon power up. In this way you don't have to rely on external configuration

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If you are talking about reflashing the Max 10's just by closing the JTAG chain then no. The cyclone V SOC can only be a slave on the JTAG interface and not a master. 

If you want to use the JTAG interfaces to the Max 10's, then you will need a mux and connect the chain to regular IO's on the Cyclone V. Then the Cyclone can become a master on the JTAG interface and you can execute something like a JAM player ( ) to flash the Max 10's. 

Alternatively if you already have some CPU's on the Max 10's that are talking to the Cyclone V, you can implement a remote upgrade system ( )