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Startix V to Arria 10 Poring Resource utilization issues


I am currently working on porting the same core logic from Startix V GX to Arria 10 GX. I observe that the ALM utilization in Arria 10 is twice the amount as in the Stratix V device for the same core logic(6000 in arria -10 to 3000 ALM in stratix V). There are also timing closure issues existing in Arria 10 pertaining to the same core logic. These timing errors do not happen in Stratix V for the same clock period.The design that I am porting uses a 256 bit-width memory of height 64. Kindly add some suggestions as to why there is this variation and guidelines for effective porting to Arria 10. While looking at Arria-10 to Stratix-V, the ALM structures look similar, so I am not sure what causes this mismatch.
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If you look at the memory columns in chip planner you will see fewer columns next to each other in Arria 10. I don't know why the ALM count would double. 

I have found that Stratix V -2 and Arria 10 -1 timing is very similar. Arria 10 -2 is slower than Stratix V -2.