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Stratix IV GX transceiver transmit simulation



I am trying to simulate (with Mentor Questa) the transmit part of a Stratix IV GX transceiver. 

I defined the protocol as basic and I disabled the 8b10b part. 


Whatever I set on the txdatain port, I get the tx signal of the transceiver toggling in the same sequence. I get a sequence is: 1111011000111101100 (that could look like a K.28.6 in 8b10b) 


I want to use the transmitter to generate a high speed signal without any protocol. (I don't want/need clock recovery on the receiver side). So I just want the value on txdatain to be serialized. 

Transceiver vhdl file is attached. 


Did any run a simulation successfully in such a setup? 






Here is my mapping: 


Trans_inst : Trans port map ( 

cal_blk_clk => Clock_125, 

pll_inclk => Clock_125, 

reconfig_clk => '0', 

reconfig_togxb => "0000", 

rx_coreclk => Clock_125_bus, 

rx_cruclk => Clock_125_bus, 

rx_datain => dataline, 

rx_locktodata => "00", 

rx_locktorefclk => "11", 

tx_coreclk => Clock_125_bus, 

tx_datain => "1111111111111111111111111111111111111111", 

reconfig_fromgxb => open, 

rx_clkout => open, 

rx_dataout => open, 

tx_clkout => open, 

tx_dataout => dataline);  


PS2: I get the following message while simulation, I doubt it is related: 


# ** Warning: (vsim-8683) Uninitialized out port /tb/Sata_trans_inst/Sata_trans_alt4gxb_component/cal_blk0/nonusertocmu has no driver. 

# This port will contribute value (U) to the signal network. 

# ** Warning: (vsim-8684) No drivers exist on out port /tb/Sata_trans_inst/Sata_trans_alt4gxb_component/ch_clk_div0/dprioout(99 downto 94), and its initial value is not used. 

# Therefore, simulation behavior may occur that is not in compliance with 

# the VHDL standard as the initial values come from the base signal /tb/Sata_trans_inst/Sata_trans_alt4gxb_component/wire_ch_clk_div0_dprioout(99 downto 94).
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Re: Stratix IV GX transceiver transmit simulation

Nevermind, I added the gxb_ powerdown signal and it is ok now.... 

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