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Terasic DE10 Standard kit and Intel Cyclone V SOC kit

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Hello everyone,  

I am having a project running OpenCL on FPGA. I want to buy the Cyclone V kit, and just see that there are 2 boards using Cyclone V. Terasic DE10 Standard kit and Intel Cyclone V SoC kit. The Tarasic DE10- standard does not have PCIe but Intel Cyclone V Soc does have it. I am a beginner to FPGA and would like to ask some questions:  

1) Terasic DE10 Standard connect to PC(host) via USB port? 

2) Can I code OpenCL host program on my PC ( cause I think that we can code host program on Arm processor in FPGA) ? 

3) If anyone know ROS (Robot Operating System), I want to ask can I integrate my program on ROS environment ? because I need to test the program on robots 

Thank you very much
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I am not familiar with OpenCL but the DE10 standard has a few USB - there is one for USB Blaster (mainly used for configuration only) and there are another 2 which are connected to the HPS USB controller. So I guess it depends on what you want to do with the USB - as a storage, for configuration purposes, etc. Perhaps you can check with Terasic support on this.