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Use "lanconf64e.efi" to measure the X710 10G Fiber signal (TX/RX), but something goes error

I want to measure the X710-BM2 (IC) 10G Fiber signal (TX/RX) and use "lanconf64e.efi" tool to set the settings But there will be many situations: Tx: Only 10G_PRBS31 can be used for measurement. If you switch to other options (PRBS9/PRBS31/Square 8), the signal will disappear immediately. Measuring DUT requires PRBS9 & Square 8 for measurement. RX: Unable to find suitable instructions for measurement (EX: DUT Loopback or read PRBS BER) You can only see the BASE-T option in IEEE BER Test Use BERT (test instrument) to drive the PRBS signal into the RX of the chip through the test fixture And We also encountered the same situation when measuring E810-XXVAM2 25G Fiber. Any suggestions or a better testing tool?
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Hi DavidCFWei,


Thank you for reaching out to the Intel community. We acknowledge receipt of your concern and want to assure you that assisting you is our top priority. To effectively troubleshoot the issue you're facing, we require some additional information from your end.


Could you kindly provide the following details?

1. System Model:

2. Purpose of measuring the fiber signal:

Your prompt response with this information will greatly assist us in diagnosing and resolving the issue as quickly as possible.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Hello DavidCFWei,

Good Day!

We wanted to inform you that we are closing your request, as we've noticed that the same inquiry has been addressed in our community forum at the following link: Intel Community Forum - LANCONF64E EFI Query.

Additionally, we previously directed you to the FPGA Team Community at this link for any further assistance you may require.

Should you have any further inquiries in the future, please feel free to reach out. Should you require assistance with a different matter, don't hesitate to initiate a new conversation, as this thread will no longer be actively monitored.

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