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VCXO removal in Stratix 10 E/H -tiles

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I am currently investigating Stratix 10 transceiver capabilities. I have a need to create several Tx clocks that lock to a several recovered Rx clocks but I cannot have external VCXO:s to support this (the HW design is already completed). I have come across a brief description of this being done internally by a fPLL and sigma delta modulation in Stratix V devices. Is this possible for Stratix 10 E-tiles? 


I have not managed to find any description of this being done with a Stratix 10. I know it is possible in the Xilinx 7-series through to the Ultrascales as in this application note: 



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I am answering this myself for anyone out there looking for the same thing: There is a possibility to do VCXO removal in H-tiles and only for SDI and OTN. E-Tiles do not support this.