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VIP Suite Design Example


I am trying to implement the VIP Design Example ""

I have a DE2-115 board and I have one composite input (PAL configuration). My output is 640x480 VGA. I managed to work with CVO II core and its works fine, after that I connected 3 TPG and "1 composite input path" to Mixer II core.Each TPG at 320x240 and I scaled the composite video to 320x240 as well.

1-My Frame Buffer and Deinterlacer cores use SDRAM as external memory.Is that a problem ?

2-My composite input is not stable,I can see there is a real capture but its flickering too much.   When I checked "CVI.is_valid_resolution()" ,I got false as return value.Why is that happen ? 


My Composite Video path 

CVI II(8  bits,2 color planes,Sequence,Any field first,Embedded in video,Interlaced,720 288 288 , 1024 FIFO size) => CLIPPER II (RECTANGLE 720 240 ,3 Top offset) => Color Plane Sequencer II(8 2 1 sequence, 8 2 1 parallel) => Chorama Resampler II (Horizontal NEAREST NEIGHBOUR , Vertical NEAREST NEIGHBOUR,Enable 4:2:2 Input, Enable 4:4:4 Output)=>Color Space Converter II (Input bits per color space 8,Output bits per color space => Deinterlacer II (Motion adaptive ,produce one frame for every field,Avalon MM local ports width 32 ) =>Scaler (320X240 as output and algorithm is Nearest Neighbour) =>  Framebuffer II(Avalon MM local ports width 32 No frame repeating or dropping)=>Mixer II (No Alpha blending) =>CVO

Any would be appreciated


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As I understand it, you seems to have some inquires related to a ref design from the Intel web. Sorry as I do not have much insight into this design. To ensure we are on the same page, just would like to check with you on the following:

1. As I tried to download the documentation, I encounter webpage error. It seems like the documentation was located in the alterawiki which is no longer available. Just to check from where did you manage to download the user guide?

2. The design seems to be located in Design Store. However, seems like the link is not working as well when I clicked on it. Probably due to temporary server issue. I will try again tomorrow to see if it works.

3. Just to check with you if you run the design by default, are you able to run the design per the user guide?

4. Just to set a correct expectation that the design is generally provided "as-is" without Factory support. However, I will try my best to advise to my best knowledge.

5. Just to check with you if you have managed to simulate your customize design prior to hardware testing?

Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you.

Best regards,

Chee Pin

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As I understand it, it has been some time since I last heard from you. This thread will be transitioned to community support. If you have a new question, feel free to open a new thread to get the support from Intel experts. Otherwise, the community users will continue to help you on this thread. Thank you.

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