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Would you recommend "new" Cyclone 10 GX now for a new design??

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I have seen that Cyclone 10GX are being available. As they are comparable to the smallest & low grade A10GX, but for a much lower cost, they can be very interesting I think. 



- Low price 

- Some parts are stocked (36 pieces of 10cx220yf780i6g ( and 10cx220yf780e6g ( 

- 1 dev kit available 


- Less documentation than older FPGA (compare to A10GX for example) 

- Almost no entry on Altera forum (+1 now :-) ) and only 1 on Altera wiki 

- Only 1 dev kit with only the schematic pdf available. No Quartus ref design to prove tools/chips are working and have been tested (golden top, transceiver, BTS, …). 

- Q17.1pro (no licence) is crashing a lot and compiling a former Q17.0standard A10GX project does not work (all ip re-created manually in Q17.1pro). 

Analysis&Synthesis is stuck at 4%, then PC RAM grows till the max 32GB available and then SW ends. 

But Altera wiki "simple" example compiles. 


As I need several demanding features regarding tools (configuration, pinout and timing analysis), I am afraid that it is too soon to use cyclone 10GX. 

- Several 12.5Gbps RX/TX 

- >80LVDS inputs (serialize x10, ~1gbps) 

- Remote update 


what do you think? do you already design boards with c10gx? 


Thanks for feedbacks. 



Dev kit: 

Altera wiki project:
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I'm no expert, but I'm going to wait until there are more parts available, more dev kits, more ref designs, etc. before I launch into a C10GX design.

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Thanks for you answer ! 

I have the same reasoning but I was hopping to get an opposite one^^