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Xeon CPU with embedded FPGA


Hi all

I'm interested in the XEON Hybrid processor "Xeon Gold 6138P
with Arria 10 FPGA".

I would be happy if you could give me an answer to following questions.
1) Does INTEL still develop/sell the Xeon (or other) Processors with embedded FPGA's ?

2) If yes, how could I program the FPGA part (Quartus?)

3) How much do they cost?

I'm a software developer (mainly C++/Java with knowledge in VHDL)
I want to migrate certain "dumb" and time expensive functions like parsing messages (for example in CSV Format) in an FPGA to reduce latency.

Of course, I could buy an FPGA card and install it on a server, but I want to avoid this kind of external hardware dependency.


Thank you for your help

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Hi Fransico,

Thanks for contacting Intel support.

Since this is a more sales and marketing related Query ,give us some time to work on the same.

If you have our local sales team contact you can ask them directly also about the product availability.

Thanks and Regards


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