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altremote_update problem

hi all! i have a problem with altremote_update on Cyclone IV[/B][/B]

i'm testing program on de2-115 development board (altera cyclone iv 4ce115 fpga device). 


my aim looks like that: after downloading factory configuration image (on device [/B][/B]startup[/B][/B]) i want to reconfig fpga into application configuration image [/B][/B]from pc[/B][/B].  

i can change input parameters [/B][/B](param, read_source, data_in, write_param, read_param, reconf[/B][/B]) of altremote_update core from pc using uart and analyze data looking at data_out output port. 


what i'm doing (algorythm): 



[*]device and pin options -> configuration -> configuration mode - remote 

[*]create 2 images (sof file). uart and altremote_update exist in both parts, but different leds blinking. 

[*]create pof file with 2 images(page_0 and page_1). specify start adress(0x00000000) for page_0. 

[*]download image into device. factory configuration starts as i expect. 

[*]disable watchdog timer (watchdog enable = 0) [param=011, data_in=00000000, write_param=1]. remote_update core returns data_out= 00800000. 

[*]set boot address for application configuration image. i experiment with 2 variants: 


[*][param=100, data_in=00367f06(taken from map-файла), write_param=1] 

[*][param=100, data_in=00000001 write_param=1] 



in both variants returns data_out= 00000000. 

[*]set reconfig=1 

[*]reconfiguration passes, but still factory configuration exists. 

[*]here are reconfiguration trigger conditions (same for 6.1 and 6.2): 


[*][read_source=00, param=111, read_param=1] = [data_out=00000000] 

[*][read_source=01, param=111, read_param=1] = [data_out=00000004] 




all operations taken from manuals(signaltap, modelsim):  

- (

- (

i read both manuals multiple times, try different variants. please help.[/B][/B]
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