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problem programming old cpld (epm7032)

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I have thi problem: 

- old design and HW based on epm7032 (5V) 

- epm7032 pof file generted with maxplus vers. 9 (I hve the sources) 

- the design use the JTAG pin (TMS, TCK, TDI, TDO..) as generic IO pin 

I have the usbblaster programmer and bytebluster. 

I have the epm7032S also that I can migrate the program with quartus disabling the JTAG support (but I do not know how to programme it) 


How can program the EPM7032 or EPM7032S withut any change to the HW? 


thank you to everybody in advance 

maurizio stefani
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I have a similar problem, trying to program old EPM7192S and EPM7128S. What I have noted is that the TDO signal coming from the EPLD device, does not get enough voltage level to hit the logical level "1". The TDO signal voltage level hits at maximum 2V, during the programming operation. Its looks like the TDO signal driver does not have enough capability to drive the input on the USB Blaster or the USB blaster input to TDO signal has a low impedance. 

With that same USB Blaster I can program devices as EPM3064A, devices one generation after 7000S family. Although I also have noted that the TDO signal level does not hit so high level as it should be. But it gets 3V, that is enough for a comprehensive logic level "1". 


Does some one has a suggestion to solve this issue or even has noted a similar behavior?
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Hi maurizio, 


If you have disable the JTAG support in the MAX7000S device, then you cannot use the JTAG port for programming once you program the .pof file.  

After the 1st programming, this option will disable the JTAG port to any subsequent programming. In this case, you need to use 3rd party programming such as DATA IO , BP programmer etc that support Altera device programming. If you intend to reprogram the MAX7000S multiple times via JTAG port with usbblaster, then you need to enable the JTAG support option. Otherwise you need to use 3rd party programmer to program the MAX7000S device.
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Hi !

I have a EPM7032S device, and USB blaster. I made a project with Quartus II 13.0.1. I need to use JTAG pin as I/O.

When I try to program the device, Quartus abort because JTAG will be disabled and don't program the device.

It is possibile to skip this control and program (only one time) the device ?

Any other suggestion ?

Thanks in advance


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Bad idea. Never use the JTAG pins as normal I/O. You will regret it.

If you do use them as normal I/O, you can only program a new blank device ONCE via JTAG USB Blaster.

After the first programming, you must use a third party device programmer that is non-JTAG to reprogram the device.

I suspect the device you are trying to program is not blank, but has been programmed before so that the JTAG interface is disabled.

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