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problems with elf2flash --boot

elf2flash is not inserting the boot record as it should. Is there a way to get the source for this to see why it is failing? --verbose only provided a start and stop time stamp which isn't very useful. 



elf2flash is a step in "" which is part of the advanced boot copier: 



This is the step that is failing: 

elf2flash --verbose --base=$flash_base --end=$flash_end --boot=$fake_copier --input=$tmp0_outfile_elf --output=$tmp1_outfile_srec --reset=$flash_base ; 

It is behaving as if didn't pass the argument --boot=$fake_copier 



This same elf2flash and is used on many of our projects and I would like to understand why its failing. 




epcq controller avl_mem: 0x0200 0000 -> 0x02FF FFFF 

boot rom onchip memory: 0x0003 0000 -> 0x0003 C34F 

run code onchip memory: 0x0104 0000 -> 0x0107 BFFF 




flash_base: 0x0 

flash_end: 0x1FF FFFF
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