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.sopcinfo files missing from 11.0 Installation

I bought this product 2 months ago and I was shipped the 8.0 IDE for some reason with the Altera NiosII-CycloneIII Embedded Evaluation Kit (NEEK) which only had the 2C35 sopcinfo file. I then downloaded the 11.0 IDE and Still I do not have the the 3C35 sopcinfo file that I need. The directory altera/11/nios2eds/examples only has a software directory and not the vhdl directory or any of the other directories that the /80/ has. Thus I do not have the sopcinfo files that I need. 


How/Where can I get these 3c35 sopcinfo files so I can download software and evaluate the board. 


Specifically I am looking for the equivalent file 

NiosII_cycloneII_2c35_full_featured_sopc.sopcinfo for the cyclone III 3c25 (EP3C25F324C6N)
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If you go to the kit page ( and scroll down to the Documentation section you'll see two links to download the complete documentation, including example designs for Quartus 9.1 and 10.1. You should download the one for 10.1, it should work with Quartus 11 too.

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