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32gb msata cant accelerate my boot drive


Hello all! First post and thank you to anyone reading my question. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and helping out where i can.

My issue begins today with something that i have found very little information on in my time digging though any search engine that will allow me to type in.

I have a Dell Inspiron 17r 7720 with a 320gb Toshiba hdd for boot drive (the oem 1tb drive died about a year ago),a 500 gb WD blue hdd for extra storage,and a 32gb samsung mSata ssd for drive caching with IRST by default with this laptop.

I have recently had to reinstall windows 10 due to a few reasons,and in doing so has gotten my IRST all whacked up. Long story short, I have gotten IRST to detect the mSata ssd and accept it for acceleration,but my issue comes when i try to assign it to accelerate my Toshiba drive which has my OS installed it. (See screenshots for order of completion) I have checked my bios settings,i have reseated all drives,i have looked though everything i can think and all I can find is "Screenshot 4" in which i have done multiple times to no avail.

I must also mention that the toshiba hdd has been my boot drive since the oem 1tb hdd played out on me and this all was working like a charm before reinstallation of windows and the addition of the 500gb WD Blue just a couple days ago.

Any help or ideas will be appreciated to the fullest and I will do my best to answer any following questions to aid in narrowing my issue to a solution in a decent manner of time (working 2 jobs and going to school)

Thank you again for reading and i look forward to putting brilliant minds together to solve (what should be) a minor problem.

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Hello idfk420,

We have moved your question to the Intel Rapid Storage Technology support community in order to get you faster assistance.

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UPDATE: I have found a possible clue but I'm not sure if it has to do with the fact that the msata ssd doesn't have a standard storage volume or if its a setting that i need to adjust somewhere. I have included a bios photo to show what I'm talking about. The IRST in bios sees the ssd as a cache disk but in the RAID volumes it states that its disabled. If thats the case,then im not sure how i would go about re-enabling it. I just thought i would add that little bit of info to my case.

As always,thank you to anyone who reads this for taking the time to attempt to help a stranger.


****I have found a temporary solution.****

The driver i was using for IRST was the latest released of this post which is

I had the idea to install an older version being as this is a slightly older laptop,so i looked on the download center and found version and as of right now,i have caching enabled on my main boot drive. I am going to do a little bit of testing to ensure that its working as it should so for now I'm going to stick with this and report th issue to intel to see if this may be able to be fixed in a future update. As always,if someone has an idea on what could be wrong with using the newest IRST version,I'm all ears (more like eyes ) .

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Actually, your temporary solution is likely the permanent solution. My understanding is that the latest versions of RST for Windows 10 do not have support for 7 Series chipset-based motherboards. You will need to stick with these older versions. This probably also means that you will have to watch for Windows Update attempting to install newer versions and block these attempts.