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3TB disc with RST - any eta ?

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Just got a bunch (5) of 3TB drives. I had this good feeling in installing them in my brand new Windows Home Server 2011, which uses a Zotac H67 based motherboard. And with that the Intel RST...

I read 3TB, and missed the non-RAID support part. It said 3TB is supported, just not with any RAID...

So when will this be available ?

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Lots of RAID solutions are sadly not GPT aware so they are not very helpful.

If your board cannot recognize a bunch of 3TB disks in an array, then look for a BIOS update

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Sorry I might not have been 100% clear here:

I can see and use the five 3TB drives, since the current version of my motherboard BIOS and Intel RST supports AHCI = passthru of the disc from Intel RST to operating system.

However, since Intel RST does not support RAID of any 3TB discs - according to the information provided by Intel - then that is what I would like to know when it might be available. I need to decide between a software solution, or Intel RST - and Intel is currently not even an option...

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I have the same (similar?) issue. Just purchased two 3TB WD greens (WD30EZRX) and connected them to my X58-based ASUS P6T ("plain", as it had more of what I needed than "Deluxe"). Upgraded BIOS to 1408 to gain BIOS support for >2.2TB drives, but option ROM is still too old (shows something like 746GB). So I gave up on the idea to use these as system drives. Loaded fresh Intel RST software (for 64-bit Windows 7 [Ultimate]). It shows all attached drives nicely:

But, when I attempt to create a volume (RAID1, but the same happens for any other RAID type as well) those are not listed (ports 1 and 2):

What is going on here? Can I create a RAID volume with these or not?