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Clean install of Windows 10 1809 64bit hanging on legacy hardware, suspect HD drivers



I have had problems with my old desktop failing to upgrade with the latest windows updates for the last few months which isn't surprising since it it has been gradually updated with each new OS since being built 12 years ago so I thought I would bite the bullet and wipe the disk and then re-install to the latest Windows and now I am getting random hangs that appear to be hard disk related - If there is some disk intensive activity the OS slowly clams up to the point that the mouse still moves and the clock still ticks, but nothing else happens.

I'm running a ..

- Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4 motherboard

- Intel Core 2 CPU 6700 @ 1.60GHz

- Intel P965 Bios

- Intel Matric Storage Manager option ROM v6.0.0.1022 ICH8R wRAID5

- 2 x WD 1Tb drives Mirrored providing 3 virtual drives

I have done a clean install of 64bit Windows 10 from a couple of years ago and then immediately upgraded to 1809.

I have tried to dig out some upgraded drivers for the Gigabyte mother board and am currently running v15.44.0.1010 storage drivers, but I don't have any software for looking at/managing the drives under windows.

Are there any better drivers out there that would work with my system?

Has anyone else experienced similar hangs?

Many thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, your system is so old that Windows 10 is not supported on it. I am not saying that Windows 10 will not run. I am saying that drivers specific to this hardware are not available. The operation of Windows 10 will be supported by the compatibility drivers that Microsoft maintains. Microsoft is not providing support for these compatibility drivers, however, so you are on your own for any issues that you encounter. As you have seen, there are a few cases where more-recent drivers will happen to work with these older systems, but there is no guarantee from one release to another that this will continue to be the case and Intel is certainly not validating their operation or performance on older hardware.


You are well past the average MTBF dates for most of the components used on these boards (including the solder used to hold it together). Sockets are losing their tension. Oxidation is setting in on every pin and in every receptacle. Failures could happen at any time. It really is time to upgrade your hardware.


Hope this helps,





Thanks for that, I know the hardware is old, but not worth binning quite yet.


My random hanging appears to have been down to a damaged volume on the mirrored drive - deleting and re-creating the drive seems to have cleared it.


In the meantime it appears that up until relatively recently Intel has bee producing drivers that apparently should support my hardware so if anyone here has a recommendation on the best version to go for it would be appreciated.


Many thanks.

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​latest windows 10 need s  compatible  device  drivers , but the  gigabyte does not support device driver for  your model motherboard,

even you wont  get  updated  graphics  driver too .

so I would recommend  you  upgrade  to the latest motherboard which supports windows 10 only 

or else  downgrade to  windows x  os




Thanks for the feedback.


Having run alpha/beta/preview versions of most Windows OSs since 3.11 I am well aware of driver issues. Windows 10 will work with Windows 8 and Windows 7 drivers and Gigabyte and Intel have produced storage drivers for those platforms that will work with my hardware and have been doing for the last 4/5 years.


I am hoping that someone here might know which of the myriad of drivers that are available from Intel would be the best one's to run with with and which to avoid.


I am only looking for the storage drivers, I have separate modern graphics cards that are working fine.


As it is I suspect that the hanging issue has been down to a damaged partition, but it would still be nice to know I am running the best drivers available.


Thanks again.

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The only core 2 duo systems I have successfully installed Windows 10 on are HP business systems (RP5700), they even have recent BIOS updates.


If you want to "force" Windows 10 on an old system you can try searching for the hardware IDs from device manager.


That being said, MS changed things in 1809 that likely will end some Windows 10 compatibility on some older systems. I run 1803 on the old systems I maintain and the process has been pretty painless, I wont be upgrading them to 1809.






Fortunately I have not had to do any forcing to get Windows 10 to work on my hardware and have been running it problem free since the early preview versions.


At this point, as already pointed out in earlier posts, I have solved the hanging issue which was down to corruption, but would still be interested in getting the most up to date drivers and utilities for my hardware.


Yes I know there aren't Win10 specific drivers for my 'ancient' hardware, however there are compatible Win 7/8 drivers that will work with Win 10 that are available so I just want to know if anyone here is in a position to recommend one version/source over an another.


Thanks for listening.