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DVD Intel RW stops in the middle as I'm burning a DVD


I honestly didn't know where to ask this question. I saw "Rapid Storage" and its what i saw after i put back the drive into theDell laptop.


Ok here's my problem. I've been working on a DVD for my students to give each one. I usually make one DVD and copy the others in another burner. Today i finally finished my project and i hit burn. It's doing its thing and almost done. Once it gets to 60-80% it stops going and makes this horrible load noise. It's spinning real fast and making this irrating noise as if i angried it or something. I tried copying it 4 times in low speed but that did not work. I'm I doing something wrong or do I need to kick this drive to th curb? lol Please help!



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Well, it does sound like the DVD drive is failing. There isn't much else that can go wrong these days.


One thing you could try is to master the content to an ISO image file and then try simply writing the ISO image file to the DVD. This avoids any of the background activity that might be occurring when mastering direct to the DVD.


Hope this helps,


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