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Disable RAID 1 on Acer Revo RL85 with Intel Rapid Storage Technology Installed

Hello, I have recently purchased an Acer Revo RL85 with Intel Rapid Storage Technology installed.

I've been told by Acer support that there is no way of disabling RAID and that it was designed like that. So my options appear to be to either have it as RAID 1 or 0 (the latter with you being twice as likely to suffer catastrophic failure as you're reliant on two disks not developing a fault). I'd prefer neither, but I'm only able to access the utility within Windows and am unable to gain access to the RAID console which I believe would usually be accessible just before Windows starts to boot. Can it really be the case that RAID cannot be disabled? It doesn't sound correct to me, but so far I've found no way of doing it.

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