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HDD and SSD Disappeared After Using Intel RST


I've somehow created a "volume" on Intel Rapid Storage Technology which has combined my HDD and SSD and I no longer have access to this on my laptop to store my files, or have any access at all to my old files. This is 1TB of data in total. I think I need to reset the driver, (according to google) but I don't know what that means or if it is correct. I have attached a picture showing where my HDD is shown on Intel RST but have no idea how to reset it/ put it back on my pc. Resetting the laptop had no effect. I am not bothered if I loose all my files as its a relatively new laptop I just really need my storage back for uni.

The second screenshot is what I currently have access to, which as you can see, does not show the HDD or SSD but just the general ACER laptop storage

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RachelC: We will do our best to provide the information you are looking for.



If you have the option, please back up all the important information before doing any changes.



Based on the information showing in the picture, actually the volume created is a recovery volume, it is not a RAID volume such as 1,2 or 5 and that is why you can only see the general ACER laptop storage.



Just to let you know, there is a shortcut to access the Intel® RST menu, "Ctrl+i", where you will be able to create or delete a RAID volume.


From our side there are no documents or tools in reference of how to reset the driver or to put it back.



In this case we recommend to get in contact directly with Acer so they can provide further details about this scenario:







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