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Intel RST Driver causing SSD Cache corruption


Hi All,

I have i7 with Asus P8Z68-V board. Recently I upgraded the F/W to its latest version and downloaded RST driver My computer is most of the time working without shutdown so i didn't notice the issue with the driver but after some 2~3 shutdowns - my Kingston v100 SSD 128GB started creating troubles. Windows file system got corrupted and chkdsk was automatically scheduled which found 200~300 errors and corrected all of them. My system started fine after that. It caused no issue while working but then again i gave my computer a reboot and soon i found BSOD with BAD_POOL_HEADER data and then it never startup again.

I loaded Windows again and to my surprise everything was working fine - till the computer was ON but as soon as I gave it a Power OFF (Direct from the switch) and restart it again - it was again corrupted.

So i have to reload windows again - I almost started believing that my SSD has gone bad and need replacement - bu with some hope I kept searching for some clues and in the end I found out that doing the following resolved my issue of SSD Corruption

> Remove RST Drivers and Load old 10.5 RST Drivers

After a deep diagnosis I have found that there is an issue in which doesn't flush the cache before system power down and this causes corruption in the SSD.

Hope Intel release some patch for it soon, If anyone else know any solution to update the drivers, please let me know



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