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Intel RST RAID1. Can a mirrored volume be read on any PC?



On one PC, PC 1, I have set up two RAID1 volumes on two disks like this:

Disk 1

Volume 1

Volume 2

Disk 2

Will I be able to take any of the disks, install it into another PC, PC 2, and access the data normally, and even boot from the disk if PC 1 could boot from Volume 1/2? Or will accessing the data normally and/or booting not be possible (e.g. due to RAID metadata or some strange disk layout)? Will Volume 1 and 2 be exact mirrors of each other or will they somehow be different (possibly due to RAID metadata)?

Furthermore: Denote the complete image of Disk N (where N = 1 or 2) with XN. Imagine now that I'd only installed one of the disks into PC 1 and used no RAID, and denote the complete image of this disk with Y. Does the real-world image XN equal the hypothetical-world image Y or will they be different (possibly due to RAID metadata)?


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The RAID 1 configuration creates 2 identical Hard Disk Drives. Now, you can take one of the Hard Disk Drives from the RAID 1 and plug it in any other pc; however, it is not possible to guarantee that it will work. It is better to use the same type of motherboards and with the same BIOS version.

Mike C