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Intel RST & Win11 support status?


Hi, I'm having some trouble setting up a Dell 5770 (i7-12800H) with a bootable RAID 0 array under Windows 11.  The NVMe SSD drives (Samsung 990 Pro) are managed by RST / VMD ("RAID On" in BIOS), and the Intel Optane & RST app is installed.  Installing the OS onto a single drive and then using the Intel Optane app to migrate to a RAID 0 array works fine, successfully creates the bootable array and the system continues running absolutely fine.  However, if the system is shutdown, it is unable to boot again - the Microsoft Boot Manager complains that there are no bootable images available.  The UEFI BIOS sees the array as bootable and has the array & Microsoft Boot Manager properly listed, but the system is completely unable to progress past the Boot Manager to load the OS on the bootable array.  (Same result when I tried to first create the bootable RAID array using the RST pre-boot option ROM text tool and then installed Win11 onto the array - the installer recognized the array, first part of the install proceeded just fine, but the first reboot completely failed with the same boot manager error.)


The Intel RST driver & app currently being pushed by Dell is version (23 Mar 2022).  Looking at the Intel RST driver download page, I see that the current version from Intel is (25 Oct 2022), but I notice in the README Text file (https://downloadmirror.intel.com/751275/Readme_enduser_19_5.txt) in paragraph 2B that the ONLY supported OS is Win10 -- is Windows 11 not yet supported for Intel RST?  Any idea if this version of RST would fix my problem on Win11?


(Dell has refused support for this issue as even though the 5770 is marketed as "RAID capable", this particular system was not ordered in a RAID configuration.)


Thanks in advance,



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