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Intel RST premium contoller vs AHCI for NVME drives and sata ssds


I have a gigabyte vision g board. Z490 that comes with intel rst premium controller. And also AHCI mode.

I have a m2 nvme drive and two sata ssds. What I wanted to know is, what should I use for getting better performance from my nvme system drive? I would like to use raid 0 on my sata ssds but can't do that with AHCI correct? But will AHCI make the nvme drive perform better? I don't mind running my ssds as regular non raid drives as long as AHCI makes the nvme drive perform better.

The only way I can run raid is with the controller on. Which makes my nvme disappear from the bios. AHCI makes the nvme show up in  the bios. What should I do for best performance?

Thanks so much

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So let's get a few misconceptions out of the way. First of all, the performance of your NVMe drive(s) are not affected, one way or the other, by the setting of the SATA Mode parameter. Secondly, insofar as your SATA drives are concerned, whether set for AHCI or RAID, they are still operating in AHCI mode and the performance will be the same.

RAID can be used with NVMe drives, but only provided they are configured for redirection and only if they are all connected to PCIe lanes from the chipset (the PCH component). [Aside: NVMe drives connected to PCIe lanes from the processor can only be involved if using VROC.] Otherwise, RAID is used with two or more SATA drives. You cannot use RAID with a mix of NVMe and SATA drives.

If changing the setting from AHCI to RAID causes your NVMe drives to completely disappear, this is something wrong in your motherboard's BIOS. You will have to contact your motherboard vendor's support people.

If you install Windows while configured for AHCI and you then change the SATA Mode to RAID, understand that you are not going to be able to boot from your system device. In this case, you can either reinstall Windows -- installing the RAID Storage drivers while doing so -- or you can try booting into Safe mode, loading the drivers and rebooting again.

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