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Intel Rapid Storage, RAID5, Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ, Parking Issue


Hi Everyone,

I've very recently upgraded from Intel Storage Matrix to Intel Rapid Storage as I had read there may be a potential issue with RAID 5 arrays running under the older drivers. I have had a RAID 5 array composed of 3 Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB hard disks for around 2 years without much trouble. The array is used to store photos and important documents and is mounted as drive D (not the main system drive).

Now that I have upgraded to Intel Rapid Storage I find that my array takes 20-30 seconds to respond to a request (i.e. opening a file, saving a file, displaying the contents of a directory not recently viewed). Over this period I hear 3 irregularly spaced clicks, which to me sound similar to a hard disk head resuming from park (definilty some form of mechanical activity originating from the hard disk). The array will become unresponsive again within 5-60 seconds. I'm worried that this behaviour may also shorten the life of the hard disks as well as being very frustrating!

It appears to me that the new software is somehow allowing the drives to park their heads (or standing by in some way) after only 5-60 seconds of inactivity. Windows settings are for the hard disks to power down after 20 minutes, and this is audibly identifiable as they spin down as well as parking.

Is this an issue anyone else has experienced? Is this problem known but titled in such a way that I can't find it on the forum?

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to advise.

(Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, Gigabyte Motherboard GA-EP45-DQ6, Intel P45 ICH10R, RAID Option ROM

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If you think its to do with the Rapid Storage then install and try Matrix Storage Manager 8.8

http://downloadcenter.intel.com/confirm.aspx?httpDown=http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17412/eng/IATA88ENU.exe&lang=eng&Dwnldid=17412 http://downloadcenter.intel.com/confirm.aspx?httpDown=http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17412/eng/IATA88ENU.exe&lang=eng&Dwnldid=17412

You did not post the model of the HDD so I will guess its the just seen it in the title ...HD103UI the EcoGreen one these are not recommended for RAID not because they are desktop HDD's but because they try to power down themselves to save power and this is not good for RAID.

Also on your right under "More Like This" take a look at "Disk frequent spin-up and down issues with latest RST technology".

You may also try RST this does works on desktop board.

http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18055&lang=eng http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18055&lang=eng


Hi Peter, thanks for your comments they where very useful. I had decided to revert back to the Matrix Storage Manager and driver, as I found my computer almost unusable! Unfortunately my computer BSOD on restart so I'm now waiting for the array to verify , but at least the erratic response seems to have been cured.

I wish I'd seen your comments regarding creating a new power plan in the "Disk frequent spin-up and down issues with latest RST technology" thread first though. That problem does sound just like the issue I was having. After further listening I had perhaps suspected that the drives were being spun up and down, but they're so quiet in my case that it's hard to tell! I'm not sure I want to try upgrading again. Having read the above mentioned posting it also seems that I too perhaps only suffered this issue on resuming from a sleep state, as this is how I leave my computer most of the time.

Do you have any idea why disabling hard disk sleep in the OS seems to solve this issue? Also do you know if the spin-up and down issue is solved in, the release notes don't seem to specifically mention such an issue?

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!


As you said you suffer this issue on resuming from a sleep state its just down to some code not re-setting its self after resume and looping the code to spin-up and down the drive.

Really its best to never idle drives in a RAID anyway and being that sleep powers down the drives anyway why idle them out of sleep in windows if your not using your PC put it to sleep or power off have the drive spin 24/7 is no more unreliable then have them idle for a bit.