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Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Won't Install!


So, I was trying to install a video editing software called Filmora and it told me to get an updated driver for it to function smoothly. So, I installed the Intel Driver and Support Assistant, but every time I would try to install the latest update driver, such as RST, it would ultimately fail. So, I tried to uninstall my RST in my Programs and Features and proceed to install the appropriate RST for my computer. But, every time I try to install it, the images below show up.

I'm not a technical person so, I'd love some assistance!

I also left my computer specs at the bottom, for some more context.


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Where to start...

  1. You should be using Dell's update tool, not Intel's. This is especially important if it's a laptop we're talking about but still important otherwise. Intel's tool could inadvertently upgrade a custom driver with the standard driver, losing the capabilities provided by the customization(s).
  2. I am interested in seeing this Filmora message. Is it refusing to install for this reason?
  3. Why do you have Intel RST installed anyway? Are you using RAID? Are you using an Optane module?  Are you using an Optane SSD? If the answer to all three questions is No, then you should be uninstalling Intel RST completely.



This is the site it directed me to:  https://filmora.wondershare.com/update-graphics-drivers.html

I'm not sure about the RAID, Optane module, or Optane SSD. But, I'll do my googles on those terms and get back to you. Nevertheless, my PC seems to be working well without it, I just don't risk it.

Much thanks for the reply, Super Scott.

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